Happy New Year

We would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year.  We hope your holiday is blessed with family and friends. Rick & Lanette  

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A Changing Tide?

A Changing Tide? Few, if any, words will (or at least should) get the attention of a purebred breeder faster than when a commercial producer voices their concern, frustration or even anger at the results they are getting from the bulls they buy. I always try to solicit from the proprietors of our local vet clinic what kind of feedback they are getting from commercial cow/calf producers. This past week, after we finished pregnancy testing our cows, I had a chance to ask our vet (who pregnancy tests herds in at least five states that I know of) what the […]

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What’s in a Number? – E.P.D.’s

No doubt How We See It when it comes to E.P.D.’s won’t be in the mainstream of thought on the subject.  Perhaps my opinion on E.P.D.’s was formed long ago when at the advent of E.P.D’s I asked Russ Denowh, who I hold in the highest regard, what he thought about E.P.D.’s and how they would affect the cattle industry.  Russ’ reply was, “I’m afraid we’re going to end up with a lot more mathematicians than we are cattlemen.”  In our opinion, Russ’s comment has proven to be prophecy in that E.P.D.’s have created the illusion that the higher the […]

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