As Simple As 1-2-3-4

I was recently asked by a fellow seedstock producer why I placed so much importance on the pedigree (bloodlines) of our bull battery and cowherd.  At the risk of being redundant with regard to the other posting and opinions I have shared on this website, my answer to him was as follows:

We believe that producing genetics that will stand the test of time requires selecting and perpetuating bloodlines that have actually stood the test of time.  The discipline to not follow the latest fad, whether it be an EPD, the hottest new bull in the stud catalog, or the notion that a DNA test is going to tell you all you need to know about the bull you are thinking about buying is necessary to focusing on the traits and characteristics that actually keep you in the cattle business.

Our cowherd is built on the Rito, Wye, Shoshone and Emulation lineage because these bloodlines have proven themselves time and again in a wide range of environments.  Certainly there are a few other bloodlines that have done well for us, Traveler and Juanada to name a couple.  Building a cowherd that enhances longevity through fertility, good udders, sound feet and leg structure, fleshing ability and good disposition has proven to be the most efficient for us using the aforementioned bloodlines.

Perhaps I can best describe oru selection process for the bloodlines we use by putting them into categories, ranked 1 through 4.  This goes as follows:

  1. The most desirable to us- foundation based with many sires and females who have had a lasting positive affect on the breed.
  2. Neutral to us- Bloodlines that are not a negative but perhaps not as influential via the number of time-proven genetics they have contributed.
  3. Our Prefer Not- This includes bloodlines that are the “here today gone tomorrow” type.  Not that they are absolute deal-breakers but too often they do not enhance or add to the consistency that we strive to produce in our herd.
  4. The Kiss of Death: This includes the genetic defect carriers and so many of the bloodlines that don’t exhibit the Angus Breed characteristics and phenotype.  We will not use these pedigrees under any circumstance.

Certainly there are individual animals from any bloodline that are eye appealing or exhibit a “great” set of numbers.  But as we have in the past, we will continue to stick with our foundation-based genetics.  We feel this philosophy best allows us to produce the Sound-Proven-Maternal-Genetics that you will find in our upcoming 2017 Online Auction of coming 2-year-old bulls. As a special sale attraction this year, we are going to offer a Buyer’s Choice of a 2016 Heifer calf from our replacement pen.  Stay tuned to this website for more information on the sale, including our catalog and links to the video of the bulls selling.  Call us at 406.963.2239 to visit about the offerings or email us at

Until Next Time,

The Hansens