2018 Bull Sale


Welcome to our 2018 Spring Bull Sale.  We are making a bit of a change in our marketing plan as mother nature decided that after a number of good years in the moisture department it was our turn to experience the flip side of the rainfall equation. The drought conditions of 2017 presented us with an undesirable management choice:  significantly sell down our cow herd numbers or sell a large portion of our 2016 yearling bull calves and replacement heifers.  We chose the latter as the lesser of two evils.

We also changed how we will be selling our bulls this year.  Instead of selling via online auction as we have the past three years, we are holding an Opening Day Auction on March 20th at the ranch. We will be selling 5 coming-2-year-old bulls, and 45 yearling bulls.  The auction will begin at 1:30 pm MST with Lot 1 and continuing in catalog order.  Each lot has a minimum bid price posted on his catalog information.  Bid increments of $250 will be used.  Any bull not purchased during the auction will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis beginning March 27th.  Bulls will not be sold for less than the opening bid price posted in the catalog. Prior to the start of the auction, we will be serving lunch at noon.

What hasn’t changed is our commitment to producing bulls that will sire females that will in turn produce sale topping steers as well as top quality replacement females.  The 45 yearling bulls for sale represent the top ½ of the bull calves from 2017. The five 2-year-old bulls for sale are half of the bulls we retained from our 2016 calf crop. Our breeding program is built on maternal genetics meant to keep the essential economic traits of fertility and longevity at the forefront of the cowherd.  Structural soundness is at the very top of our selection criteria.  Without it longevity simply is not attainable.  Proper feet, leg and udder structure will not be compromised in our breeding program.

The sale bulls will be represented by the following sires:

Our sale catalogs will be in the mail the beginning of March. Also in early March, a digital copy of our catalog, along with videos of the sale lots, will be on our website.

Should you have any questions regarding the sale format, the sale bulls or our breeding program, please feel free to call us at 406-963-2239 (house) or Rick’s cell phone 406-963-7239. We appreciate your past support and look forward to seeing you on March 20th.  If you are unable to be here on sale day, you may leave your bids with us and we will use them as you would.  Thank you for your consideration of our breeding program.


Rick & Lanette Hansen